FujimuraKogyo-KAIRAKU blister PACK

The KAIRAKU type blister pack.



A photograph when I remodeled commercial blister pack in KAIRAKU type.

How to open

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blister4    blister6

When you pull a red part and tear it off, you can easily open it neatly.

A characteristic

・Even a person without the power can easily open out.
・You can read the explanation of the bottom after having taken out an article because it is   not necessary to tear a pasteboard.
・It is not necessary to apply paste to a pasteboard and can use the paper generally.
・Because you can recycle a pack, you help decrease of the global warming gas.
・You can use an article as a container to put again.
・You install film canister adhesion automatic supply machine for fixation and can use it for   an existing packer.
・When a container maker supplies a container with a film for fixation, You do not need an   additional machine.
・You can produce it even if you do not use a packer when you use the adhesion sheet and   adhesive tape.

A manufacturing method

If you use the heat seal-shaped blister pack packer now, you can use a conventional packer.
But, in that case, have the container maker produce the article which bonded a film to a container.
In addition, you have only to install automatic supply machine to bond a film for fixation to a container if you use the conventional container to an existing packer.

The adhesion sheet type and the adhesive tape type can make new blister pack with the manual labor, but naturally the ability for production lowers.
An automatic machine gluing a seat for fixation together is necessary if you want to raise ability for production. Because you should install the device which supplies this with a mount, it can produce packers in a label maker.
Because there are various methods to produce it, can refer in detail to us.


A photograph when I remodeled commercial lunch box in KAIRAKU type.

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