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The top seal type KAIRAKU PACK


開楽パック       開楽パック
1. You pick up the part of a red lip
and draw it out in the backside and
You tear it off entirely and take it.
      2. You lift the corner of the strong adhesion
part of the pack circumference on the top
and tear off an inside weak adhesion part.

The consumer says that it is difficult to open the pack which is completely sealed up. Because it is strongly adhered so that the contents do not leak.
The young person can open out. But it is not opened out to a child and a senior citizen. Or it is not opened out unless it cuts it with kitchen knives.
Besides, seeing from the point of view of the environmental problem, it is difficult to recycle it. Because it is often that a film is left in the pack.
The KAIRAKU PACK solved these problems at one sweep. I can use this technology for a pack of every materials / shape. I acquired a patent on October 12, 2007.
Tofu maker of Yamanashi sells tofu with the KAIRAKU PACK now. As a result, it was praised highly by many housewives and senior citizens. I received a demand that I wanted not only the tofu but also various products to spread it.
I can apply the KAIRAKU PACK to any kind of pack. However, we are packing machine maker, and it is not a pack maker.
Therefore we cannot make this pack in large quantities. We look for a maker having pack production cooperate.
Someone can use it in a school lunch or the company cafeteria by using this pack. Furthermore, the thing of the top seal type can use anything for a machine part or an electric part ,etc..

The KAIRAKU PACK is so durable.

coldpack coldorikiripack

The thing that heat sealed a seal film as for the left photograph. In the state that a person with the power can barely tear off. (Heater temperature 200 ℃)
The right photograph did the normal packing of the KAIRAKU PACK pack. (A reinforcement film of the bottom is a heat seal at 220 ℃. A seal film is a heat seal at inside 190 ℃, outside 260 ℃. )
With the same container and film, I packed water by same seal time and seal pressure. And I added pressure from the inside by the freezing expansion with a freezer.
As for the left photograph, a part of the seal side comes off.
The right photograph (The KAIRAKU PACK) swells out a pack, but the seal side does not come off.
Because it is held for strong pressure, You are reliable even if you pile it up with five steps, six steps.
Though they are so strong, even the elderly and a young child can easily tear off the cage gimlet pack.

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